Sometimes need to compress a few videos quickly, but few services allow you to do that or you don’t want to use them at all to save time or your privacy.

Then you might want to consider FFmpeg and a slick trick in the terminal:

mkdir res; for i in *.mov; do ffmpeg -i $i ./res/${i%.*}.mov; done
  1. mkdir res — will created a folder for processed videos
  2. in *.mov — is responsible for the file extension on the input
  3. ${i%.*}.mov — indicates the file extension of the output



Hello, dear friends! Could you please tell me what signs that I am communicating with a robot that uses realistic human voice synthesis technology?

Suppose the robot speaks extremely realistically and answers questions correctly, but it may not breathe like a human (we rarely notice such details).

Can you tell us, please, what methods do you use?



Hello! I will tell you how to use the utility “openssl” encrypting and decrypting a text file.

The “openssl” has a command “enc”, which is exactly what we need!

Command below using password after “-k” will encrypt file “TEXT.txt” and create file with encrypt text:

openssl enc -k 'U1F54A' -aes256 -e -in 'TEXT.txt' -out 'ENC.txt'

And to decrypt it we use the command:

openssl enc -k 'U1F54A' -aes256 -d -in 'ENC.txt' -out 'DEC.txt'

Quotation marks are optional

Let’s compare the files! If everything is OK, it will not print anything.

cmp -s TEXT.txt DEC.txt || echo "THEY DIFF"



I accidentally found a useful feature in macOS and want to share it with you!

By default the video player window in Safari can only be in the corners of your screen, but if you press “Command” (⌘) and move the player, you can put it where you want it!

Thank you for your attention! Have a good day!



  1. Let’s install ImageMagick
brew install imagemagick

More download links can be found here:

2. Create a file, for example: “” and add the following to it:

DIR=$(dirname "$0")
mkdir $DIR/Results/

for FILE in $(ls $DIR);
do convert $DIR/$FILE -alpha set \( +clone -distort DePolar 0 -virtual-pixel HorizontalTile -background None -distort Polar 0 \) -compose Dst_In -composite -trim +repage $DIR/Results/${FILE%.*}.png;

❗️Don’t forget to make it executable using: chmod +x

3. Share your helpful scripts in the comments! 🎉



Sometimes it happens that you need to edit several lines at once and do it quickly! XCode has such a function and it is built into the editor by default!

Shift ⇧ + Ctrl ⌃

See how easy it is! 👍

Editing with the keyboard

And can also select the necessary lines with the mouse cursor, for this need to hold down keys “Shift + Ctrl” and select the lines to edit use cursor.

Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day!